Hena Hasan

Meet Hena Hasan, Our Personal Injury Legal Assistant

Hello, my name is Hena Hasan. I was born and raised in the exotic mix that is South Florida.

I grew up bilingual, speaking Spanish and English. I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge working at the Rosenberg Law Firm. It has been a great environment for growth. Before joining the team, I did a lot of clerical work but nothing has been as fulfilling as being a personal injury legal assistant.

My job is to help you deal with the direct aftermath of an incident. There can be a lot of mental stress on top of the physical stress your body is already undergoing.

I speak directly with all the insurance companies, it can get pretty complex. We want to make sure that clients are taking adequate measures to help alleviate the pain they’re experiencing both now and long term.

It’s quite funny, but I find that sometimes our clients are willing to be more honest to us than their doctors. Reaching out to the doctor’s office to make sure we have accurate information also enables us to better help our clients schedule their appointments. Those are just a couple of numerous tasks I take on at the firm.

Our office takes cases from all over the country. Every case is different and it means we have the knowledge to be that help for others. I love our team dynamic and our effective communication. I don’t think that I could have chosen better people than Andy and Jaqueline.

At the end of the day, I’m just a regular person. I try to keep a healthy focus on every aspect of my life whether it’s my physical health, my relationships, or my responsibilities. I very much enjoy exploring local businesses and restaurants but it’s been pretty tough to do as a result of the pandemic. Besides that, I like kickboxing, reading, caring for my dog, and spending time with friends and family.