Scenario 1:

So, you’re driving on I95 and a car side-swipes you due to them changing in your lane. Luckily, the at-fault driver has also stopped, and you are able to gather a police report and get their insurance information. When your attorney is going through your case, they will make sure the at-fault driver’s insurance accepts liability. Their insurance has bodily injury (BI) coverage, which covers the expenses of your injuries, so you know once you get proper treatment and are pain free, your attorney will send the demand out to their BI policy of their insurance to reach a settlement for compensation. The ideal scenario is that their BI limit per person is more than what your total medical bills and additional losses. In this scenario, we would not got after your insurance’s UM coverage.

Scenario 2:

You are involved in a two-car accident, causing you serious injury. Unfortunately, the car speeds off and you have no way of knowing who that driver is. Well, you’re not completely out of luck because you can use your uninsured motorist coverage (UM) on your own policy. You won’t have to stress about not wanting to get treatment because you’re not able to pay for it when your attorney is able to get you the right compensation for the UM policy that you possess. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of making sure your insurance policy has UM because you never know when a situation like this could arise. It will certainly give you piece of mind.

               In these scenarios, our clients are always wondering, “will going after my insurance for compensation raise my rates?” The answer is that it shouldn’t. Your insurance is aware that the accident was not your fault and it does not have to do with your lack of safe driving. A consultation with your attorney will allow you the ability to discuss your concern regarding your insurance rates.

Scenario 3:

               You’ve been rear ended, and while being treated, the doctor mentions that a surgery, or even just pain management injections would be needed for a full recovery. When your attorney is made aware of this, they will first check the at-fault’s BI limits. Upon doing so, they realize that their limit is $25,000 and a surgery and other doctor’s visits will exceed that $25,000. So, luckily you have UM/UIM coverage, which can also be used when the at-fault driver is under-insured (UIM). In this case, you can be compensated for your surgery because once the BI limit is exhausted, your attorney can go after your UM for the remaining expenses as well. If your UIM has a $100,000 limit and your total medical expenses are $75,000, you’ll hopefully get the full $25,000 from the BI of the driver who hit you, and the remaining $50,000 will be covered by your UIM protection. Again, this shouldn’t affect your rates either when your attorney proves that you are in no way to blame for your injuries.

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