The limits of a BI and UM policy are important to understand (see article) because typically it’s the most an insurance company will give in a settlement. If the numbers are low on the at-fault’s policy (BI), then your attorney can seek compensation from your own policy (UM), which has limits that you typically cannot exceed either. Limits are always portrayed per person/per accident. Meaning, if the limit is 10/20, the most you can get is $10,000 per person/ $20,000 per accident. The “per accident” involves multiple people in the vehicle splitting the amount per accident.

          To ensure that you will always be protected, making sure your insurance is providing you with the right limits to cover a potential accident will end up paying off, whether you’re taking liability for an accident you caused and someone will go after your BI policy, or you were hurt and needing to pursue your UM coverage. The Insurance Information Institute recommends you carry at least $100,000 of bodily injury protection per person and $300,000 per accident (known as 100/300). If that is not ideal for you, you can do 25/50, 50/100, or even 10/20. But, keep in mind the higher the limits, the more you’re protected.

          How much does it cost? Typically, it will be about the following:

Average Added annual cost for additional coverage

Coverage limits

From $25K/$50K to $50K/$100K

From $25K/$50K to $100K/$300K

From $25K/$50K to $500K/$500K

Driver with clean driving history




Driver with recent speeding ticket




Driver with recent accident






          Not sure what your limits are or how much you’re able to get from an insurance company when you’re hurt in an accident? The Law Office of Andrew G. Rosenberg is willing to help in answering your questions and taking full advantage of your insurance limits!

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