UM Protection in Florida

So, you’ve read our article on why you need UM protection, but you’re still apprehensive about purchasing it. Do you really need UM Protection in Florida? What does the law say about it? This blog post will break down some facts about what the state of Florida requires in terms of UM Protection and how much coverage you should get to be safe on our roads.   

Florida Drivers and Your Safety

If you live in Florida, you have no doubt seen unsafe drivers speeding down highways, weaving in and out of traffic, and cutting cars off day in and day out. It has become commonplace for many Florida drivers to be extra vigilant because of how unsafe our highways have become. In 2017, a popular highway in Florida was number one on the list of deadliest roads in the United States. Yes, we need to be vigilant, but sometimes it isn’t enough.  

The Right UM Coverage for You 

Remember that there are different amounts of UM coverage to choose from so you don’t have to spend a great deal extra each month. One thing to help you decide how much coverage you should get is the size of your family and who frequently drives your vehicle. Do you have teenagers who borrow your car? Do you take frequent family road trips? What if the worst-case scenario happened and one or all of your family members were injured during one of these trips? Do you want to leave the safety of your family in the hands of strangers? Get as much protection as you can so you are safe against the negligence of others. 

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