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Insurance Company Pays Policy Limits For Rear-End Collision On Florida Turnpike: South Florida Car Accident Attorney Turns $8,000 Offer into $100,000

Our client was a front-seat passenger of a car that got hit from behind on the Florida Turnpike. 

The impact of the motor vehicle accident did not seem that severe as there was only moderate damage to the rear of the vehicle.  The impact of the car accident, however, was hard enough that our client ended up breaking her right wrist and injuring her lower back. 

After going through treatments with a chiropractor, pain management and a sports medicine doctor, our personal injury attorney sent the demand package to the insurance company’s adjuster. The initial offer from the insurance adjuster was only a meager $8,000. 

After going through several rounds of negotiations with the adjuster, it was obvious that our office was not going to get a fair value for our client unless something changed.  Because of the circumstances, our office demanded a completely new adjuster review the file and negotiate with our lead attorney. 

Once the insurance company agreed to our office’s demand to switch to a completely new adjuster, the entire car accident case changed.  The new adjuster understood our concerns and possible future damages due to the car accident and agreed to increase the offer from $8,000 to the tender of the policy limits – which was $100,000.    

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