Large Settlement For Man Seriously Injured in Car Accident

Seriously Injured Florida Man Receives $345,000 For A Car Accident: Florida Car Accident Attorney

Our client’s car was hit from behind in an car accident in which a commercial vehicle failed to yield to the traffic flow.  The accident was severe in nature and our client was taken to the hospital from the scene of the accident due to serious injuries.

Our client suffered numerous injuries, but the most severe were the post concussion headaches as well as the herniation at the L4-L5 and L5-S1 levels of the lumbar spine (lower back).  Our client was only in his early 30’s at the time of the accident, which meant he had a long life ahead of him to live with the pain from the accident.

After months of treatment with chiropractors and other doctors, our client ended up having several rounds of injections for the lower back pain.  Unfortunately, ihe injections only provided temporary relief for our client’s pain. Because of the short-term nature of pain relief from the injections, the doctor and our client determined that surgery was the only real option.  A Laminotomy and a Microdiscectomy on the ride-side of the L4-L5 as well as the L5-S1 levels of the lumbar spine was completed.  Our client stated that he had immediate relief after those procedures.

The procedures listed above are serious in nature, especially for someone that is only in their early 30’s.

Due to the surgery and other injuries, our office was able to negotiate a $345,000 settlement.  Additionally, our office was able to reduce the outstanding medical bills substantially so that after injury attorney fees, costs and medical expenses were paid for, our client was able to net close to $175,000.

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