Shell Gas Station Pays Over $200,000 For Slip And Fall Negligence: Coral Springs, Florida Slip & Fall Attorney

Woman gets injured in slip and fall at Shell Gas Station in Del Ray Beach Florida. Slip and fall attorney settles the case for more than $200,000This Florida slip and fall case happened at a Shell Gas Station located in Delray Beach, Florida.

Our client was at the gas station, refilling her car’s gas tank as we all do. Once she put the nozzle of the gas pump into her car, our client went back into her vehicle for a few moments to get out of the heat.  When the gas nozzle stopped pumping the gas, our client proceeded to get out of her car. She got out and went to put the gas nozzle back and complete her purchase at the gas station.

Unbeknownst to our client, there was a slippery liquid behind her vehicle that she stepped into.  Due to the slippery liquid mixture, our client’s right foot went sliding straight out from under her. She slipped and fell, slamming down extremely hard on her left knee. There was an extremely loud popping sound and her left knee swelled up immediately.

To make matters worse, the Shell Gas Station employees began throwing kitty litter on the liquid mixture to help soak it up while our client was still on the ground injured.  Not only did the employees get kitty litter on our client, but the Paramedics even told them to wait until they could move her out of the way before they continued throwing the kitty litter on the slippery liquid that was on the ground, but they continued to pour out the kitty litter anyways.  Once at the hospital, our client had x-rays completed which showed a knee fracture as well as a small tear.

The Shell Gas Station’s insurance company initially refused to take any responsibility at all for the injuries to our client from her slip and fall.  In other words, the insurance company felt that there was no negligence by the gas station.

Our Slip and Fall Attorney filed a lawsuit in order to get the insurance company to take responsibility for our client’s injuries.  Our lead attorney Andrew Rosenberg was able to get both sides to sit down in a “pre-suit” mediation to explain the issues at hand.  Because of that mediation, our office was able to get the insurance company to agree to pay more than $200,000 for the slip and fall injuries suffered by our client……without the need to actually file a lawsuit.

The client was thrilled that she was able to get all of her bills paid and that we did not have to go through the time, effort, or energy of a full lawsuit.

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