After I am in an auto accident, the insurance companies want to speak to you.  The question is do I have to speak to them or not? 

The answer is it depends......on whether you are speaking to your own insurance company or the opposing insurance company.

In Florida (probably in most other states as well), your insurance company requires you to have a "recorded statement" about the auto accident.  Why are you required?  Because it is stated in the actual policy that you have with your auto insurance company in order to receive benefits, etc.  If you do not move forward with the "recorded statement", then your insurance company could consider you in breach of contract and decide not to provide the benefits that you have paid for. 

The opposing insurance company would also like to do a "recorded statement" with you after the accident.  Most of the time they will get that done, especially if you are unaware that it is NOT required.  Be careful when dealing with opposing insurance companies in an auto accident.  You do not ever want to do something (such as a "recorded statement") if you are not required to!