Most people that I meet with after an accident have lots of concerns.  However, one of my main concerns for them as my client is to make sure there is enough and/or any Bodily Injury (BI) coverage or Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) coverage for their injuries.  I cannot stress enough the importance of having a little known insurance on your auto policy called "UM"!  To me, it is one of the most important insurance coverages for your auto insurance, especially down here in Florida.  Imagine the following:

  • You are injured in a bad accident and it was not your fault;
  • The person that caused the injuries has only minimal Bodily Injury Coverage or no Bodily Injury Coverage; and
  • You are in need of medical treatment and/or surgery

This is a very common and scary scenerio down here in Florida.  In order to make sure you are protected in a situation like this above, it is vitally important to have UM auto insurance protection.  This is an extra protection that you would pay for thru your own auto insurance company.  It protects you if the person that caused the injuries does not have enough or any Bodily Injury (BI) coverage.  To learn more, please check out the video or look at the information provided on my website.