One of the worst things about getting into a car accident is having your car damaged and out of commission. This is even worse when you only have one car in your household. Going to work, picking up the kids from school, grocery shopping, and all the other normal aspects of life become so much harder without a reliable form of transportation. So, what are you supposed to do when your car is damaged and you don’t have another one? 

The fastest way to get your car fixed is with your own insurance company through "collision coverage".  Yes, it might cost you the deductible, but the car will start the process of getting fixed in a quicker manner.  Additionally, if you were not at fault, the insurance company may waive your deductible, or you will get that reimbursed at the end once liability has been accepted from the other side.  

You can wait for the at fault insurance company to take care of fixing your car, but the process normally takes a lot longer.  If time is of the essence, then the fastest way to get it done is through your insurance and the "collision insurance coverage".