Do I Have To Speak To Insurance After An Auto Accident?

After I am in an auto accident, the insurance companies want to speak to you.  The question is do I have to speak to them or not? The answer is it depends……on whether you are speaking to your own insurance company or the opposing insurance company. In Florida (probably in most other states as well),…

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Why should I contact an accident lawyer?

You deserve to make a fair recovery for your accident injuries. However, the insurance company doesn’t want to provide you with this fair recovery. Instead, it’s the insurance adjuster’s job to maximize the profits of the insurance carrier by paying out as little as possible in accident claims. This includes yours. A Florida Accident Lawyer…

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Can my employer retaliate against me if I file a workers’ compensation claim?

No. Florida law specifically prohibits employers from retaliating against workers who make valid workers’ compensation claims. What’s Employer Retaliation? An employer may not take certain actions because you file a workers’ comp claim. Specifically, a Florida employer may not: Fire you or threaten to fire you. Intimidate you. Coerce you. Retaliation for filing a workers’…

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