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Serious Florida car wrecks may result in complicated bone breaks that require amputation or severed limbs at the scene of the wreck.

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Burn Injuries Caused By Car Accidents.

Some car accidents cause fires or explosions that result in painful and dangerous burns.

It's important to see a doctor for a prompt diagnosis and treatment plan after any motor vehicle accident. At first, you might not think you were injured, but some conditions take days or weeks to present symptoms.

Other Actions to Take After a Florida Car Accident

In addition to protecting your physical recovery by complying with your doctor’s treatment plan, it's important to protect your legal recovery. Certain things need to be done, including:

Gathering evidence from your car accident.

Pictures, witness statements, medical records, and other evidence will be important to your claim and potential compensation.

Identifying all applicable insurance policies.

Most car accident recoveries come from insurance coverage. It's important to identify all of the potential coverage reimbursements that may be applicable to your case so the right claims can be made.

Being cautious with insurance adjusters following a car accident.

Adjusters have a job to do: minimize your settlement so the insurance company can maximize its profits. Despite how nice an adjuster may seem, remember that anything you say to him or her may be used against you.

Filing your car accident case before the statute of limitations expires.

In most cases, you have four years from the date of your accident to file a case in a Florida court. However, you shouldn't wait that long. There are advantages to filing your claim closer to the date of your accident.

You don’t have to take on the burden of doing any of this yourself. Instead, you have the right to hire an experienced car accident lawyer to make sure all of your rights are protected.

Protect Your Florida Car Accident Recovery

The legal team at the Law Office of Andrew G. Rosenberg, P.A. know how to investigate, organize, negotiate, and litigate car crash cases. We'll fight hard for fair and just recovery of your past, current, and future:

Medical costs.

This includes hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, doctors’ appointments, rehabilitative therapies, and any other healthcare expense you incur as a result of your accident injuries.

Lost income.

Whatever you're unable to earn because of your injuries may be part of your recovery. This includes wages, benefits, and income from self-employment.

Out-of-pocket costs.

Any expenses you incur because of the accident, including property damage, should be part of your settlement.

Physical pain and emotional suffering.

These may be the hardest to quantify but the most important of your accident-related damages.

Have You Been Injured In A Florida Car Accident?

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