Personal Injury Settlements: Frequently Asked Questions

— Why do I need an attorney?
— What if I’ve already taken steps independently?
— How long do personal injury lawsuits take?
— I don’t want to go to court; can you still help me?
— Is my case big enough for a lawyer to handle?
— How much is my case worth?
— What damages am I entitled to recover?
— Are medical bills included in a bodily injury claim?
— Do I still have a claim if my health insurance paid my medical bills?
— Can my health insurer file a lien against my case?
— My doctor is asking me to sign an assignment form so that he is paid
out of any settlement proceeds. Should I do that?
— Should I get my own medical records and/or bills?
— The insurance company offered me a settlement which I think is fair. Should I accept it?
— How soon after a settlement is made is money received and distributed?
— How does the insurance company decide to offer a settlement?
— Should I trust a settlement calculator I find online?
— Are my medical bills paid in an injury settlement?
— Is there a minimum personal injury settlement amount?
— Can I reject a settlement offer?
— Will I need to pay taxes on my settlement money?
— Can I break an annuity from an auto accident settlement?
— Can I gain access to my child’s settlement money?

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