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FAQ Regarding Wills

Wills are important regardless of estate size if you want control over how your property will be distributed.


Q: Why do I need a will?
Q: Can I make a handwritten will?
Q: What are the requirements for a legal will?
Q: What is the difference between a will and a living will?
Q: Who can make a will?
Q: Do I have to have a certain amount in assets to make a will?
Q: What property passes under a will and what property does not?
Q: What is an executor, and what does he or she do?
Q: Whom should I choose as my executor?
Q: Whom should I choose as guardian for my children?
Q: Can I disinherit a spouse?
Q: Can I disinherit a child?
Q: What is a No Contest Clause?
Q: What is a Residuary Clause?
Q: Can I leave money to my minor children in my will?
Can I set up a trust for my minor children in my Will?
Q: How do I make changes to my will?
Q: Where should I keep my will?
Q: What happens to my will after I die?