Bicycles In Florida – Do I Have A Personal Injury Case If I Get Hit?

• January 28, 2022

Today’s topic is “bicycles”.  The question becomes if I am riding a bike or I am walking with a bike and I get hit, do I have a case?

The answer is probably, but it depends on if you are at fault or you are not at fault.  So, if you are walking across the street and a busy intersection and it is not in a crosswalk, you are probably at fault and thus there would not be a case (or you would have some comparative negligence).  Generally, if you are on a bicycle and you are following the rules of the road and you get hit then you will most likely have a case.  Now, there are a lot of other issues that are involved with a bicycle (such as PIP and No-Fault Insurance – which we have talked about in prior videos) but the general answer is if I get hit, yes you have a case!

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