Can I Take Money From A Doctor If I’m Injured To Be Treated

Attorney Andy here and this is a very important topic. It actually came up today and I had to deal with it.

It is the question can I take money from a doctor or a chiropractor if i’m injured in a case to go treat with them? The answer to that question is no, that is illegal, you cannot get money under the table from a doctor or a chiropractor or from an attorney for that matter to handle their case. That’s illegal. If that happens you need to run away!

I hope that you understand how how vitally important this is, to make sure you do not do something illegal because that will affect your case down the line. This is serious stuff that we’re talking about. If you’re in an accident you need to have legal representation to make sure you’re protected at all times. Contact me at 954 954-755-7803 or always look at for lots of free information that should be of importance to you.

Thanks, take care.

Have You Been Injured In A Florida Car Accident?

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