I Can Borrow Money On My Personal Injury Case? Should I?

• January 28, 2022

Is this legal?  How much will these companies lend me?  How much interest will they charge me?  Watch this short video.


Transcript of Video:

“Hey everybody! Andy here today’s topic is – Can I borrow money against my slip-and-fall case or auto accident case? the answer that question simply is yes but the real question is should I borrow against it and a lot of times that answer is no and the reason is no is because there’s lots of companies that are willing to lend money to you but they charge an outrageous interest rate and it gets to be almost usury in regards to how expensive it becomes in the future so my advice is don’t borrow on these cases if you don’t have to if you can wait that would be the best thing to do however it’s there for a reason and I understand clients need to use it and I have many clients that have used it but just be aware of the interest on these companies I hope you found this worthwhile if so please like the video and also comment on it down below that would be great and in addition please subscribe to my youtube Channel and also consider subscribing to my Facebook channel my Instagram my Twitter and my LinkedIn accounts and finally if you want lots more information check out a scandi legal calm thanks.”