If My Car Gets Totaled And Has To Get Towed To A Tow Yard, What Should I Do?

Good afternoon everybody, this is Andy Rosenberg from the Law Offices of Andrew G. Rosenberg PA. I’m here to try and help you in regards to car accident matters.

One of the issues that happens with lots of my clients is if I get into a really serious accident and the car’s totaled and it gets taken from the scene by a tow truck and it goes to a tow yard, what do I do?

Well guess what? You don’t want to leave the car at the tow yard because the tow yard charges a daily fee for the expense of holding the car for you, so you want to quickly get it to the insurance company. Let them either take it off the tow yard or you might have to actually have the car towed up from the tow yard to your own facility or your house in order to avoid those expenses. Again, the goal is to try and minimize the expenses.

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