Reduce Medical Bills To Get More Money From Settlement

Hey guys, Attorney Andy here. I’m going to talk today about medical bills and the question becomes once you settle your case, your personal injury case, slip and fall, car accident, whatever, the medical bills get paid and some of those medical bills are going to get paid through your settlement proceeds, and so we use a term called reductions, meaning we try, as the attorneys, to reduce the bills as much as possible so that you get more in your pocket.

So when you hear terms about reductions or about medical bills and how we have to reduce the bills it takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. We got to go back and forth negotiating, so give us some time and let us do our job and try and get you more money in your pocket.

This stuff’s complicated, you really should hopefully get legal representation if you’re in this situation of a car accident, slip and fall, whatever it might be. Please contact me at 954-755-7800 or as always check out for free information on all sorts of topics.

Thanks and take care.

Have You Been Injured Due To The Negligence Of Others?

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