Scooter Accidents In Florida

• January 28, 2022

I am going to talk about scooters today.  When I talk about scooters, I am typically talking about these Vespa and electric ones that have become popular down here in Florida.  These “electric scooters” are the ones that can be rented downtown or wherever else in which you can actually leave it wherever you want when you are finished using it.

These scooters are becoming more popular and, unfortunately, people are getting into accidents with those things.  The question becomes “what happens if I get into an accident with a scooter?”  The answer is that it becomes a personal injury matter.  However, the scooter is treated differently than a car in regard to an accident.  The scooter is going to be treated like a motorcycle, which can be very confusing in the state of Florida!

When I say it is treated like a motorcycle, I am typically talking about with regard to the Florida No-Fault and PIP benefits.  I am not going to go through it all, but what you need to understand is that if you were in an accident with a scooter you should contact my office at (954) 755-7803 or by clicking here so we can talk further about it.

I will explain to you the differences of how that affects you or someone you know with the Florida No-Fault and PIP benefits.