I am going to talk today about motorcycle accidents.  There is a difference between a motorcycle accident and a car or auto accident in the State of Florida.  The major difference is in personal injury protection (PIP or “No Fault” insurance in Florida).  But in a motorcycle accident, believe it or not, it is not considered an “automobile” in the Statutes.  Therefore, what that means is that the PIP or “No Fault” insurance in Florida rules do not apply for a motorcycle accident.  So, when you get injured and you are driving a motorcycle it's considered “dollar-for-dollar” as far as payments from the other side.  That is a complicated issue.  I explain the “dollar-for-dollar” issue in other videos down the line.

The main thing is I want you to understand that in a motorcycle accident it is completely different than a car accident. 

If you are in a motorcycle accident, it is a complicated and confusing issue and you probably need an attorney to protect your legal rights.  Give us a call at (954) 755-7803 or connect with us here!

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