What Is The Difference Between Bodily Injury and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

• January 28, 2022

Hey everybody, this is Andy Rosenberg and I’m here to help with your personal injury matters.

A topic that is of interest for a lot of people is what’s the difference between bodily injury or BI and UM, uninsured motorists or underinsured motorists.

The difference is that bodily injury is for a situation where you get hit and it’s not your fault and you’re injured, the other car’s insurance bodily injury will pay for those injuries with the amount of insurance they have, however if you get hit in that same  situation and it’s not your fault and they don’t have any bodily injury, then that’s where the um protection comes in from your own insurance company, so it’s really important to have both because if you get hit by someone that doesn’t have insurance you want to make sure you have protection of some sort.

Again that’s the difference between bi and um.

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