Overview of Valid Florida Wills

• January 28, 2022

Hey everybody, Attorney Andy here.

Here’s a question for you. What makes a will valid in the state of Florida? A couple of pointers here. Number one you have to be 18 years of age or older or you can be a minor as long as you were emancipated by the court. Number two, it needs to be in writing. Number three, it needs to be witnessed by two witnesses, not one, two witnesses, and the fourth thing is that you need to have the person that’s creating the will, they need to sign it at the end and that’s valid. It doesn’t need to require a notarization or an affidavit, although that does help, and attorneys will do that for you because it’s meant to help you in the long run.

This stuff’s complicated. You don’t want to do it on your own in my opinion. You want to get an attorney to review things and get it done correctly. Contact our office at 954-755-7803. Do You Need To Speak With A Florida Lawyer About Estate Planning?

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