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Does Personal Injury Settlement Affect SSDI or Medicare

Hey everybody, Andy here. A topic that is coming up a lot with my clients are the ones that happen to be on disability, so the question becomes if I have a personal injury settlement, either a slip and fall, auto accident ,malpractice situation,and I am on Social Security Disability Income or SSDI or on…

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Who Is A Qualified Medical Provider?

Hey everybody, Andy here. I’ve talked ad nauseam in the past about personal injury protection PIP or no fault insurance and all the different wrinkles on a prior video. We talked about the 14 day rule and in order to get that PIP to kick in you have to be seen by a qualified medical provider.  Believe…

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How Does Litigation Work?

Hey everybody, this is Andy Rosenberg. I’m here to help with your personal injury matters. A question I get a lot of with clients is if we go into litigation how does that work? Well most cases don’t go into litigation so that’s number one. If it does go into litigation it’s a process. There’s what’s…

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How Do I Know If I Got A Slip And Fall Case?

Good day everybody, this is Andy Rosenberg from The Law Offices of Andrew G Rosenberg. I’m here to help you with your personal injury matters. A topic that comes up is in a slip and fall case how do I know if I have a case or I don’t have a case. Well, I’m not going to go into great detail in regards…

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How Often Does A Personal Injury Case Actually Go To Court?

Hey everybody, this is Andy Rosenberg and I’m here to help with your personal injury matters and questions that I get from my clients involving when we go to trial or we file a lawsuit.  The question is how often does it actually go to the trial itself and the answer to that is not very often. In general, as…

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