Is There A Personal Injury Case If Hit Riding Scooter

Hey everybody, Andy here. I’m going to talk today about scooters. These Vespa scooters or these electric scooters that you can rent downtown or wherever you want to rent and you can just kind of leave it wherever you want. Well they’re becoming more popular and unfortunately people are getting in accidents with those things…

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What Is In A Florida Police Report

Hey everybody, it’s Andy and today’s topic is police reports. I’ve done this in the past but I want to go in a little more detail on this video about what actually you’re looking at in the police report. Clients are asking me that all the time, so real quick, I’m talking about Florida police reports….

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Reduce Medical Bills To Get More Money From Settlement

Hey guys, Attorney Andy here. I’m going to talk today about medical bills and the question becomes once you settle your case, your personal injury case, slip and fall, car accident, whatever, the medical bills get paid and some of those medical bills are going to get paid through your settlement proceeds, and so we…

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PTSD From Slip and Fall or Car Accident

Attorney Andy here. PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We’ve heard about it obviously in wartime situations and our veterans coming back with this issue, but here’s a question for you. The question is can you have PTSD type syndrome when you’re in an auto accident or you’re in a slip and fall situation and the…

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If I Use My PIP Coverage Will That Increase My Rates?

Hey everybody, this is Andy Rosenberg from Andrew G. Rosenberg PA. I’m here to help you in regards to your personal injury in auto accident matters. A question that comes up is when I’m in an accident and I end up having to use my no fault insurance in the state of Florida, it’s also called…

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Can I Leave Money In My Will For My Pet Animal

Hey everybody, Attorney Andy. Here’s a question for you. If I have a pet and I’m a pet lover, by the way if I have a pet and I pass away can I leave money to my pet? And the answer is no, and you want to know why? Because a pet is considered property…

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