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Electric Scooters are very popular in Florida. Two young people ride electric scooters down a Florida city street. If you're injured riding an electric scooter, call our electric scooter injury attorney
If you were injured in a Florida Electric Scooter Accident, you know that it can be scary and overwhelming. Getting the medical care you need after an accident, as well as trying to figure out if you have any sort of injury claim to help you pay your medical bills can feel daunting.

Rosenberg Law Firm is dedicated to providing you with skilled injury claim representation to get you the recovery you need and deserve after being injured in an electric scooter accident.

Common E-Scooter Injuries in Florida

Most commonly, Electric Scooter Injuries in Florida happen as a result of some type of collision.

Scooters present certain risks, such as traveling up to 20 mph and accelerating quickly. People often ride the scooters around large groups of pedestrians – which poses risks for both pedestrians and scooter riders. One of the most dangerous factors of electric scooters is that many riders do not wear helmets.

There were about 150 electric scooter accidents in Fort Lauderdale alone from May to January in 2019 and another 90 or so e-scooter accidents in Miami (source).

Common injuries treated in Florida emergency rooms from electric scooter accidents include concussions, brain hemorrhages, and other head and face injuries. This is largely due to most e-scooter riders not wearing helmets. Only about 3% of injured e-scooter riders were wearing a helmet at the time they were injured.

If I was Injured on an Electric Scooter, do I have an Injury Case in Florida?

If you were injured on an electric scooter in Florida, whether a rental scooter such as a Lime or Bird, you may have a personal injury case.

When it comes to scooter injuries, there are a variety of different people and parties who could be liable for your injuries. If someone is liable for your injuries after a scooter accident, it means that someone else’s negligence is what led to your accident and injuries.

Nation-wide studies indicate the number of serious head injuries from electric scooters is more than TWICE as many as serious head injuries suffered by bicyclists.

As an electric scooter rider, you might be injured by:

  • A Pedestrian. If a pedestrian purposefully causes a scooter rider to have an accident that leads to an injury, the pedestrian can be held liable for the scooter rider’s injuries.
  • A Driver. If you were injured by a negligent driver in Florida while riding an electric scooter, the driver who caused the collision can be held liable for the accident. We recently had a case where a driver wasn’t paying attention and backed into an electric scooter rider as they were passing behind the car. We’re currently handling an injury lawsuit for the scooter rider against the negligent driver.
  • A Scooter Company. Depending on the type of accident, a rental scooter company or an electric scooter manufacturer may be liable for injuries if they were caused by a malfunction. Damages can be pursued by a defective product lawsuit, which we also handle at our Florida injury law firm.
  • A City. The city can be held liable for scooter accidents caused by unmaintained roads, road and walkway debris, unmarked hazards, etc.
  • A Business. A business can also be held liable for scooter accidents if caused by unmaintained work areas, unmarked hazards, etc.

There are also ways that you might be injured BY an electric scooter rider:

  • If you are a pedestrian who was hit and injured by an electric scooter rider, the scooter rider is likely liable for any injuries or damages that you suffer as a result of the collision.
  • t’s even possible that a pedestrian might be injured by a scooter on the sidewalk, by tripping over it, or something of that sort. In this case, the scooter company may be liable for any injuries. It’s also possible that a city, municipality, or business may be responsible for any injuries suffered by pedestrians due to electric scooters on sidewalks.

Can I be Compensated After an Electric Scooter Injury? Florida Accident Lawyer Explains

Yes, you can be compensated after an Electric Scooter Injury in Florida. It does depend, however, on the facts of your case.

There are a few different avenues for someone injured to get compensation. Call our office for a free consultation and we’ll walk through the process with you to see if you have a valid electric scooter injury claim in Florida.

An electric scooter accident is different from a car accident but has many similarities to a bicycle accident. Under Florida law, if you’re injured in a car accident but you have insurance, you will at least get your PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits from your insurance company.

Electric scooters, however, are different. At least for the time being, electric scooters and mopeds are not categorized as “motor vehicles” under Florida law, which means you do not have any PIP protection from your auto insurance claim while on an electric scooter.

If, however, you were riding an electric scooter and were hit by a car, for example, a skilled injury attorney can sue the driver’s auto insurance policy for Bodily Injury Coverage limits on their policy.

Why You Need a Florida Electric Scooter Injury Attorney

If you were injured riding an electric scooter, you need a Florida Electric Scooter Injury Attorney to take up your case. Because the law is very nuanced, and this is a relatively new personal injury field, the likelihood is very low that you’ll be able to get any form of settlement on your own after an electric scooter accident.

The best way to protect your rights and ensure you get the compensation you deserve after an electric scooter accident is to hire an injury attorney. The great news is you don’t pay us a dime until we settle your case. You don’t pay anything out of pocket for our services, because we work on a contingency fee basis.

Florida Scooter Injury Attorney: Free Consultations for People Injured on an Electric Scooter in South Florida

If you were injured in an accident involving the use of an owned or rented electric scooter, you have rights. If you were injured on an electric scooter or moped in South Florida, please give our office a call so we can advise you of your rights. We will listen to your story, advise you of your rights, and fight for your Florida injury case.

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