How Can You Get A Car Accident Video In Florida? When Are They Important? Coral Springs Car Accident Attorney Explains

January 28, 2022

How Can You Get A Video of a Florida Car Accident?: Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer Explains

Attorney Andy here with the question of the day:  How do you get a video of a car accident situation?

Usually, the answer is you cannot!  You would think driving around South Florida, especially at a major intersection, there would be video cameras thru the city, county, or state.  Believe it or not, they do not have video surveillance anymore at these intersections. It is rare for there to be video surveillance at an intersection or on a Florida roadway.

So, the question becomes “How do you even get videos of car accidents in Florida today?”  The main way that you can get a video of a car accident is through a business in the surrounding area. Often, local businesses will have security cameras that are positioned in a way in which they also capture some of the surrounding street activity. Sometimes a business happens to have video surveillance and they “accidentally” catch the car accident. As a Car Accident Attorney, we can request that businesses check their footage and can even get copies of this important car accident lawsuit evidence.

The next question is “Why is it important to have video of a car accident?”  When you are in a “he said, she said” car accident in south Florida, a video might determine actually what happened.  This, in turn, might help the insurance company actually determine who was at fault — which can lead to a settlement or a favorable case or trial outcome for you as a client.

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When you are in a Florida car accident, it is a serious situation.  Even in a “small” accident, you can get injured and you’re entitled to compensation. You want to make sure if you are in that situation to contact an attorney to protect your legal rights.  I can be reached at (954) 755-7803. Call today to set up a free consult.

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