Are Dog Bite Cases Still Valid In Florida For Personal Injury? Yes, But…..

January 28, 2022

Hey everybody Andy here.  A question that I get asked a lot is “are there cases for dog bites or dog accident case?”  And the answer is it depends.  Typical legal answer!

The problem is that it is a lot harder to win these cases because what happens now when there is a dog bite case typically at a home situation, the homeowner’s insurance policies are starting to exclude specifically a dog bite case.  So, then that becomes much more difficult to consider moving forward on a case of that nature.

So, the question on whether the dog bite case is viable, the answer is “yes, but it depends.”  I hope that you found that worthwhile and interesting.  If so, please like and or comment on my YouTube channel.  In addition, please subscribe to it if you like what you hear.  Finally, also consider looking at my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.  Always check out AskAndyLegal.Com for vital information that you might want to use in the future

Thanks, and have a great one!

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