What Is Material Misrepresentation?

January 28, 2022

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Today’s topic is very tricky. It’s an area called personal injury protection or PIP also known as no fault insurance .That’s a whole video amongst itself on all sorts of things, but I want to talk about one little area of it called material misrepresentation that happens a lot. What happens is there are a lot of substandard carrier insurance companies out there and when you are in an auto accident they try to find ways to not pay the no fault insurance coverage that we’re all entitled to.

One of the ways that they do that is through material misrepresentation, basically saying that when you did the actual application you lied and you didn’t tell the truth and therefore they’re not responsible and one of the ways that that can happen, it’s very easy to happen, is if you are living with children that have turned 16 years of age. Even if they don’t have a driver’s license but they’re 16 you need to let them know, otherwise there’s a possibility if you get into an accident later and they live with you there’s a possibility that the insurance company will say that is a misread material misrepresentation and they will not pay the no fault coverage.

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