There’s much to appreciate about riding a motorcycle in South Florida. It's fun—especially in our climate. Bikes typically get better gas mileage and are easier to park than other vehicles, too.  As a motorcyclist, you share the rules of the road with other motorists who must use reasonable care to avoid accidents with you. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes other drivers are negligent, and you're the one who suffers significant injuries.

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What Can Cause A Florida Motorcycle Crash?

Similar to motor vehicle accidents, the reasons for collisions involving motorcycles may be due to a number of factors, including:

Distracted driving.

In 2017, the state of Florida reported that more than 50,000 accidents for the year were caused by distracted driving.  This includes smartphone use, eating, drinking, and grooming.

Driving while under the influence.

While operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is still an issue, drugged drivers—whether using illicit or prescription drugs—are an increasing problem in South Florida. Slowed reactions times and loss of control put motorcyclists at risk.

Head-on collisions.

In 2016, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that more than 70 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes are due to a rider being struck from the front by another vehicle.

Left-hand turns.

Motor vehicle operators making left turns often don't see a motorcycle rider before it's too late. More than 40 percent of car-motorcycle collisions are because of left turns.

Road hazards.

Riders have much more difficulty navigating potholes, debris, uneven lanes, and other surface issues. Often, a municipality may be found at fault for not properly maintaining roadways.  

A full investigation will determine whether one or more of these factors—or another form of negligence—caused the accident and resulting injuries.

Riders Can Suffer Significant Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycles lack the protective metal structures and safety features of other types of motor vehicles. And while bikers can outfit themselves in different types of protective gear—including helmets, boots, specialized jackets and pants, and even full riding suits and body armor—a certain type of collision may result in severe injuries. These include:

Road rash.

When you skid across the road, your skin may be significantly torn and damaged. This is known as road rash. It can be painful, cause extreme scarring, and leave you vulnerable to infection.

Broken bones.

Any bone can break when you fall from your bike or collide with something else. Some breaks may be complicated and require multiple surgeries.

Facial and dental injuries.

If your face hits the ground then you may break a facial bone, suffer dental injuries, or experience an eye injury.

Rider’s arm.

Rider’s arm, also known as biker’s arm, occurs when the motorcycle falls on your arm during a collision. The nerves in your upper arm may be significantly damaged.


Sometimes the injuries from a motorcycle wreck are so severe a limb is amputated at the scene of the crash or later in the hospital.

Traumatic brain injury.

If you hit your head in a motorcycle crash, you may suffer a concussion or traumatic brain injury. The immediate circumstances of the impact and the long-term effects of it depend both on how hard you hit your head and what part of the brain was damaged.

Have You Been Injured In A Florida Motorcycle Accident?

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