I was hit from behind from a young lady texting on her phone, not paying attention. Ughh. I had whiplash, with a nuisance neck and low back pain for weeks. I could barely move my neck to see the rear view mirrors in my car while driving.

I’ve never been the litigious type, and felt I could deal with that drivers insurance company myself. Was a nightmare, hard to get in touch, minimized my injuries. Basically was on my own.

An associate used Andy for a prior accident, and highly recommended him. Soooo happy I hired him! He immediately took over all communications with the other drivers insurance, guided me to a really good Doctor where I began feeling immediate relief from pain. My biggest thing is good communication, and not having to pay out of my pocket since it wasn’t my fault.

Andy gave me his cell phone after our first meeting, ALWAYS took my call and updated me. And as a bonus, he told me he knew what my case was worth, and worked the insurance company so strongly he even got me more in the end after all my medical bills were paid.

Anyway, just thought I would share with anyone else out there who has no clue what to do when these things happen, and no idea who to trust with your case. There’s so many attorneys out there, but Andy Rosenberg is THE GUY!

Scott Aquavano

Andrew Rosenberg
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