Although the use of social media has many advantages, there are also consequences of it if not used properly. When it comes to Personal Injury cases, the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can have a negative effect on your outcome of your lawsuit. The insurance adjusters of the opposing council are thorough in investigating social media sites of the injured party to try to find anything regarding the accident of injury that can be used against them. Luckily, there are ways to use your accounts wisely to prevent your information from being wrongly used or falling into the wrong hands.Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Rosenberg Law Firm

Privacy Settings

               Every popular social media site has privacy options on the setting tab attached to your profile. It is always smart to make sure that your account is a “private account”, which means that the only people that can view your posts are the ones that you’ve accepted as your friend and they will not be viewed by anyone random searching your account. Each post you make on Facebook also has an option to select who views that post and if it is on “public” then anyone who clicks on your profile can see that picture or status change.

Accepting Friend Requests

               No matter the situation, it is always imperative to be careful when accepting friend requests from anyone. Make sure you definitely know who they are. Just because their profile says they live in your city does not mean it’s wise to ask them if you do not personally know them. If you’ve made your account private, a person will be able to view your posts once you’ve accepted their friend request.

What You Post

               In general, it is always best to be cautious of what you post. When a lawsuit is involved, it is even more imperative to be sure not to post anything that can be taken the wrong way. For example, do not post anything that shows any type of physical activity if you are involved in a personal injury case.  In addition, you can mark in your settings to prevent anyone from “tagging” you in a picture or post without your permission. The insurance adjuster is able to spin whatever they see on your social media in their favor to discredit your claim. Often people post statuses about their accident to update their Facebook friends online as well, but that is not at all a smart decision if you plan on pursuing a claim against those involved.

               At the Law Office of Andrew G. Rosenberg, P.A we aspire to get you the best results and compensation from your lawsuit, which is why we always advise that the best way to completely avoid social media affecting your case is to not post at all while your case is open.

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